What we offer

We offer translation services in the following subject areas:

Banking; Commercial; Construction and Real Estate ; Consumer Contracts, Agreements, MOUs; Corporate Education and Training; Employment, Service Contract; Environment and Ecology; Financial; Governmental; Health care and Medical; Hospitality and Travel; Immigration-Visa; Import-Export; Insurance; Intellectual Property; International Trade; Labour and Employment; Mergers and Acquisitions; Royalty, Book Rites; Science and Technology; Tax- all types Trade Marks and Patents

Why Choose Us?

We have with us qualified and certified Translators and Interpreters, who very well understand the subject matters and their details. They have education and experience in the specified area and it ensures accuracy to all technical terminology when providing the required services.

Depending on the case matter, we engage the most suitable ones from our team for each case. Each one of them has substantial experience in the job being assigned. We ensure confidentiality of the document and also the source. We provide high quality translation services that require precise wording. Regardless of the size or scope of the project at hand, our mission is always to deliver the most accurate translation possible and within time frame.

Further, as a Company, with ISO 9001: 2008 certification, we also go by translation standards as defined in terms of the German standard DIN 2345, the American Translation Service Standard (ASTM) and The European Quality Standard for Translation Services (EN 15038).

Our Solution

The usual documents taken up for translation are: contract agreement; clauses of Laws, resolutions; financial statements, tax returns and audit reports; tender documents, licenses and registration certificates; Summons and complaints, judicial proceedings, articles of incorporation, power of attorney, evidentiary documents, Judgments etc.
Any wrong word in translation may misfire; and we won’t allow that to happen. We do these documents with utmost care and all seriousness and ensure that the translated document aligns more closely with the target legal system and which could be certified or notarized if need be. We understand how crucial it is for our work to stand up to scrutiny in court and so we assign these jobs only to professional translators.
We provide expert Patents Translation on all types of subjects, ranging to all levels and complexities. We also translate prior art documents, trademark registrations and related documents. We ensure that the essence is properly reflected and no details are missed out. You could rely on our team’s technical precision and in-depth knowledge of the specific industry.
In the global competitive environment, Corporate do business with companies and customers all over the world, and one has to handle different language and cultures. A simple mistake can lead to missed opportunities, unsatisfied clients, and even litigations. We have the potential to support Corporate Lawyers and also top MNCs in providing comprehensive translation projects.
Public at large should know the things which they are expected to know in a language understandable by them. The need of translators, that too with multiple language skills, is more. We have experts in relevant sectors such as law, politics, economics and education for your specific project.
Right to Information mandates timely response to citizen requests for government information The basic premise behind the right to information is that, since Government is ‘for the people’; it should be open and accountable and should have nothing to conceal from the people it purports to represent.
International trading involves a lot of factors including attorneys who possess great legal qualifications to advise international clients. There could be deeds, contracts, agreements in different formats for different products and business. The parties involved including the Attorney should have the documents as in original in a language as understandable and interpretable. We help to cross these hurdles through our expert professional translators, both in law and language and can provide legal technical and business documents, duly translated to the Attorneys.
Depending on the persons involved in court cases, that too from different States or Countries, Courts would need interpreters, for the benefit of all parties therein, ensuring linguistic access at every step of the Court process. We provide that support, as and when asked for. Our team members assigned for such jobs are well versed in the procedural formalities in Courts and also know their jobs well which they accomplish in a skilled and professional way. Our team has the mastery over both source and target languages. We have certified legal interpreters to provide interpretation services for depositions and courtroom appearances in different languages. Our team can be of much help in the process of trials, where the individuals involved may be from different States and may be different countries. They need to be communicated what they are meant to know and they should also be able to communicate what they indent to communicate to the Authorities. Our team maintains the speed, the language skills, and understands the tone to be properly interpreted.
The language in the original text, the level of language, meaning and expression of the contents, all are relevant in translation of a book. This is all the more complex while translating Law books. It requires a command over language, relevant subject matter knowledge, a control of thought processes, of the Author and also the targeted text. We understand that Law book translation demands highly specific technical language skills and research capabilities to handle the wide range of subject matter, within Law as a subject. Our book translators possess subject matter expertise, skills of writing and ensure the consistency throughout the length of the work.

Our Expertise

80% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)
Research and Training
40% Complete (success)
Immigration and Visa Interviews Interpretation
40% Complete (success)

Legal Translation

We have professional legal translators, who have intensive experience in the segment. We serve law Agencies, law Firms, Advocates and Attorneys, and also the Courts in their trial proceedings. Our team understands the relevancy and urgency and responds to requests for legal translation immediately and also completes the assignments as per time frame. Our team is also fluent in the nuanced legal concepts involved in order to present an accurate and certifiable translated text. Our Translators are not only well versed in legal terminology but also the basic statutes and legal intricacies.

Legal Interpretation

If you are looking for professional and experienced legal interpreters, your search can end in us. Our interpreters cater for all legal requirements including courts, Advocates, Police, witnesses etc. Further with our multi lingual team, we can take care of proceedings and other legal matters in different languages as well. Our team is well versed in procedural formalities and also legal vocabulary and jargon; we could facilitate all stake holders of the legal processes. . Needless to mention about confidentiality of data and or information. For effective interpretation, we use advanced audio visual equipment and related accessories.

Audio Transcription

Be it depositions, Police interrogations, hearings, an oath taken or recordings of proceedings in a court, we have expertise in providing fast and accurate legal typing services. We transcribe a wide variety of legal documents. We use quality technical support and we prepare legal documents from both audio and video formats. We have a team of expert legal transcription professionals who complete all your transcription work efficiently, and in confidence. They have thorough understanding of legal terms and that makes their job easier. Every transcribed material is rechecked for authenticity and quality.